The Covid-19 pandemic reached Ireland in February 2020 and forced the country into a nationwide lockdown. For the past 17 weeks, artists have faced a unique set of limitations and restrictions, as galleries and studio spaces closed their doors in mid-March.

On 28th March, a mandatory measure was introduced nationwide, requiring that all citizens stay at home for two weeks until 12th April, which was repeatedly extended into May. The Irish government then released a roadmap for reopening, which began with ‘Phase One’ on 18th May, shortly followed by the second phase on 8th June. During this time, the lockdown radius was extended but studios and galleries remained closed.

Later that month, on 29th June, with ‘Phase Three’ came further easing of restrictions and the gradual reopening of the country. Some galleries restarted their programming under new precautionary guidelines and certain studio spaces reopened their doors.

We are currently at a pivotal point in Ireland’s lockdown, one which might see the country revert to ‘Phase Two’ or one which may see the country progress onto the last phase of reopening on 10th August.