The Covid-19 pandemic reached Ireland in February 2020 and forced the country into a nationwide lockdown. For the past 18 weeks, artists and creatives have faced a unique set of limitations and restrictions, as offices and studio spaces closed down in mid-March and most projects were postponed or restructured.

Since then, many artists and creatives have been forced to work from home, which for some was a new experience. In this time they worked on personal projects, commercial jobs, art auctions, pubic exhibitions and installations which showcased artists and raised awareness and money for various charities.

Previously scheduled projects, if not postponed, were reconfigured to suit an online environment as digital media became the dominant means of showcasing their work. New projects were also born out of the use of digital media and the absence of print media in the city.

‘Artists in Lockdown’ is an international series of interviews with over 30 contemporary artists discussing how the ongoing global crisis and lockdown have impacted their artistic practices and lives over the past few months.

The following is a series of interviews conducted throughout the month of July with Irish artists and creatives in various fields, discussing creative projects that were produced in response to the lockdown itself.