Redmond Herrity is a sculptor based in Donegal. After studying at the Leitrim Sculpture Centre and mastering classical portrait techniques in Carrara, Italy, Redmond has gone on to produce award-winning work from classical portraits to modern sculpture.

‘Black Star’, photographed at the Royal Hibernian Academy, 2017

Where did you spend lockdown?

I spent quarantine in Ramelton, Co,Donegal were I have my studio and yard at my back door.

Redmond Herrity in his Backyard Studio

Did you experiment with any new materials or methodologies?

It was interesting as I had no access to materials and no deliveries, so I started to look at my off-cuts. When I realised the amount of stone lying around on pallets I started “The Off-Cut Challenge”.

Given the limitations and restrictions of the last few months, did your art making process change at all? if so, do you think this will continue to change how you will make art going forward?

It did change, it changed in scale and subject. When working as a full time sculptor I mainly work on strict commissions were there is not much room for change, so when I started looking at the off-cuts I had a little fun with the shape, I was amazed at the reaction and feedback from the public. So this started to steer my direction. It was great market research and I do see myself leaning towards peoples likes in the future. After all, not everyone is in to recycled rubbish, so birds, boats and butterflies are much cuter!


Did you have any projects during this time that went ahead?

No commissions as such, but I made twenty small sculptures, and they all sold as I made them, within twenty minutes actually, with all money going to a local charity to help homeless people during lockdown.

I was also “Virtual Artist in Residence” for the RCC in letterkenny and they filmed me on a Friday making one piece every Friday for the month of April. All these videos are available online in The Regional Culture Centres website.

I have an annual exhibition with Richard Scot in the grounds of Ballymaloe and it had been cancelled up until last minute. So, when I got the go ahead, I traveled to Cork just after the restrictions were lifted and I delivered some new work. I also finished a 3 meter tall piece called ‘Ghost Star’. I had started it some years back, so I was invited down to stay with the Allan family for the week that it took to finish.

Do you have any upcoming projects?

I have been shortlisted for several commission and one in particular was put on hold. So hopefully that will resume soon.

I spent alot of my time off working on drawings for larger works and planning exhibitions abroad, so If and when we can travel again, I made lots of new contacts.

All photographs were provided by Redmond Herrity. To see more of Redmond’s work visit his website and Instagram.